Dato’ C. Vignesh Kumar

Messrs Vignesh Kumar & Associates

Founder and managing partner, Dato’ C. Vignesh Kumar is the leading litigator of the firm whose credentials are festooned with the seal of the University of Malaya. Having graduated with Honours from said institute in 2009, he had then served as a Deputy Public Prosecutor under the Attorney General’s Chambers for 5 years whereupon he was called to the Malaysian Bar as an advocate and solicitor in 2012.  Expanding his horizons, Dato’ C. Vignesh Kumar decided to leave public service in 2013 to venture into private practice. 

Backed by the wealth of field experience during his time with the Attorney General’s Chambers and supported by his illustrious stripes earned in practice, his legal prowess needs no introduction. Upon his decision to leave public service, he joined Messrs. Skrine, an internationally renowned and one of the largest law firms in the country. As a senior associate at Messrs. Skrine, Dato’ C. Vignesh Kumar further honed his distinguished skill and style in both criminal defence and civil litigation. Amidst an already stellar professional portfolio, Dato’ C. Vignesh Kumar then took on the role of further establishing his name and fortitude by setting up his own law firm, Vignesh Kumar & Associates and now heads his own handpicked team together with partner, P.G. Cyril.

A criminal litigation savant, he has seen great trial success across a multitude of offences, including white collar crimes and those indictable by capital punishment. In addition to dealing with infractions bound by the Penal Code, he is also skilled in the defence of crimes punishable under other acts such as the Anti-Money Laundering & Anti-Terrorism Financing Act, Dangerous Drugs Act, Firearms (Increased Penalties) Act, Prevention of Crime Act, and Security Offences (Special Measures) Act.

Adding a feather to his cap and amidst an already stellar professional portfolio, Dato’ C. Vignesh Kumar remains a prominent expert in several other areas to include commercial disputes and  contracts,—a scope which continues to expand in tandem with both the company’s growing clientele and assets.

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